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Transpersonal Psychology/Spiritual Therapy In Stuart, FL

My work is centred around helping you connect to your highest self and how it can bring peace and harmony to the many dimensions of your inner and outer life. We call your highest self a Loving Wisdom.

I believe that when you are able to apply your own unique Loving Wisdom to all aspects of your life, your psyche can begin to heal from past experiences and your truest Loving Self can emerge. 

Spiritual Therapy & Counseling

Over the years, I have been very inspired by the life stories of my clients and the many joys and pains that make up their own unique personal journeys.  We can all benefit by discovering that our own human experiences have been beautifully portrayed in the wisdom of many ancient myths and archetypes and the language of the Divine can be found there. I am also very interested in the symbolism of my client’s dreams and the power of their imaginations. I believe deeply in the power of Nature and its ability to teach, guide and heal.

Spiritual Coaching/Transpersonal – Therapeutic Coaching 

My work helps clients realize that they are part of a bigger picture and by living each day in a heightened state of awareness, peace and deep healing can naturally enter their lives.  There is always wonder in life not only within ourselves but also all around us. All we need to do is to choose to see it. Through connectedness, we can find meaning, healing, wholeness and belonging. I provide psycho-spiritual therapy and coaching based on this philosophy, to identify and resolve problems within the energetic, psychic and spiritual dimensions of the whole self.

My methodology encompasses a unique combination of focusing, dreamwork, active imagination, deep relaxation and past-life regression. I bring a combined knowledge of transpersonal psychology, positive psychology, psychosynthesis, traditional psychology, nature-based therapy, myths, archetypes and emotional energy coaching. Together we will enter on a journey to help you become a fully integrated person who can share your unique Loving Wisdom with the world. This journey begins by reaching deeply within and creating wholeness, peace and healing among all aspects of your inner self.