Nature-based Sessions

We are part of nature, and we are nature; daily, this is something that most of us forget. But as the demands of our everyday life grow, causing us to lose our sense of direction, we are feeling overwhelmed. During these moments, the inner nagging of connection with nature becomes stronger. Nature in its entire splendour provides a peaceful space where we can clear away the noise, reflect and rebalance.

Nature-based sessions are designed to deliver you a place where you can seek answers or guidance and connect with yourself more calmly. These sessions can be utilized as a regular in-person meeting where my office becomes Lake Michigan’s shore.

If you decide that a nature-based session is something you like to experience, we will walk together and we will discuss anything you need. That will be a slow walk. Water with its spiritual dimension of purification, and healing; and the profound meaning of suffering and redemption creates a unique place where what needs your attention will reveal itself. We will allow nature to work its magic. During this session, I will be supporting you in exploring and noticing what may be coming up or being shown to us.

As the seasons of the year change so is the wisdom that comes with them. No two walks are ever the same, but these sessions depend on the weather. And no, we will not be walking into the cold water. :).

‘Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are countries where nature walks are being now prescribed as a treatment for anxiety, depression and general wellbeing. Remembering that, we will meet at a pre-agreed location in one of the open to the public places near Stuart, FL. Our walk together will take about an hour. Before the session, I will provide directions and where we will meet.