The Symbolic Language of Dreams

In ordinary terms, dream images make no sense, and people dismiss them as ‘weird’. But the truth is, dreams express the unconscious. The world of dreams is as real as physical reality, but different dynamics govern it. Dreams are the most natural language available to our psyche to communicate with the unconscious aspect of ourselves. But to understand that language we need to learn its symbolic meaning that our mind developed.

Carl Jung believed that dreams are part of nature, and because of that, there is no intention to deceive us. Once we become sensitive to the dreams, we will discover a correlation with everyday life; our relationships, decisions, feelings, longings, actions and routines.

Working with dreams?

Using the four-step process, I will help you learn to understand a symbolic meaning normally hidden in your dreams. We will uncover the archetypes behind metaphors present in your dreams. Creating associations and connecting dream images to your inner dynamics will allow you to access deeper parts of yourself. We will go through the interpretation and create a ritual that will transfer your dream to physical reality.

You will discover that working with dreams will allow you not only learn more about yourself, but it will bring powerful inner transformation. Remember that dreams hold incredible wisdom that awaits. All you need to do is to follow a few steps to find it.

Working with dreams can be part of our regular sessions or just a one-time meeting. So, if you have a dream that keeps lingering in your mind, or it keeps repeating itself, or there are symbols, colours, shapes in your dreams that reoccur in different scenarios I’d love to hear from you.