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Spiritual & Transpersonal
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Assisting Women on the Quest Towards Wholeness

My name is Joanna

I am trained transpersonal psychologist and therapeutic coach. My mission is to assist women to connect with their loving wisdom.

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My work is centered around helping you connect to your highest self and how it can bring peace and harmony to the many dimensions of your inner and outer life. We call your highest self a Loving Wisdom. I believe that when you are able to apply your own unique Loving Wisdom to all aspects of your life, your psyche can begin to heal from past experiences and your truest Loving Self can emerge.

I offer sessions in person (Chicago, IL) and online or by phone. Even though they are accompanied by a different dynamic, I have found that remote sessions offer equally transformative qualities.


Articles and stories

What I learn and discover on my journey is always written on my Blog